Psychosocial mission

Our psychosocial team offers education and activities focused on the mental health of displaced people. We see people for who they are and engage closely. This way of work adds to human dignity.

Boat Refugee Foundation supports the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independency. With our psychosocial support, we break with inhumanity and offer warmth and compassion.


We are currently working hard to restart our psychosocial mission. In September 2020, we lost our school and community centre during the fire in camp Moria. Here, we offered education to children, English language and computer lessons to adults, and organised several activities focusing on mental health.

We hope to restart our activities soon. Our team is currently mapping out the biggest needs in psychosocial support, meaning that we can focus on providing help that is needed most.


It is only with your help we can continue to support the displaced people in the camp. We warmly encourage you to contribute and support our psychosocial mission with a donation.

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