Mooi gedicht voor de vrijwilligers

Hussam uit Irak, één van onze vertalers, schreef onderstaand gedicht voor de vrijwilligers van Stichting Bootvluchteling. #ontroerend

A thousand times you said you #care
A million times you tell you’ll be #there
A hundred times you said you loved me
But a billion times you left me #nowhere.

I trusted in you with my eyes closed
Being with you was dancing in the sky
Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to #do
I never thought I would
Especially not to #you.

You had your shining moments,
Upon this life’s darkened #stage,
And in my poetry book
You’ll never be just another #page.
You always listened
And knew what to #say
Knew when to give a hug
When I was having a bad #day.

You helped me laugh
You dried my #tears
Because of you, I have no #fears
Together we live
Together we #grow
Teaching each other what we must #know

You came in my life and I was blessed
No one will ever take your place
I can always promise you #this
It’s hard to find someone like you
So now you’re who i’ll forever #miss!

I love you, friends
You are the best
Release my hand and DONT say #good-bye
Please, my friends, DONT #cry
I promise you this, it’s not the #end
‘Cause like I said, “See you later my #bestfriend!!”

Weep not for friends left lone
cause beyond every #bend
is a long blinding #end
its the worst kind of pain i’ve #known

Give up your heart left broken
and let that mistake pass #on
cuz the love that you #lost
wasn’t worth what it #cost
and in time you’ll be glad its gone
Weep not for friends unseen
May your love never #end
and if you need a #friend
there’s a seat long here a side me