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Building a new mission in Athens

17 Aug

More and more people end up in Athens after their asylum procedure on the Greek islands. The need for help is high here - many become homeless and have no access to care and support.

With our new MHPSS mission in Athens, we hope to give these people some control over their lives. In order to be able to start offering psychosocial support later this year, we are now working hard on the basis of our programme. Our coordinators Vicky and Katerina are working hard to design an Athens-based MHPSS programme.

The demand for help

They look at what the demand for help is, but also what the strength of our assistance is and what parties we want to work with to offer people the right support. In addition, they have found suitable office space and a location for activities, write protocols, set up an administration and welcomed the first MHPSS volunteer a couple of weeks ago!

Many organizations working with people on the move in Athens need knowledge and tools on psychosocial support. Our team will therefore offer training on MHPSS. By sharing our knowledge about stress, trauma and coping strategies, we will also help other organizations to improve their assistance.


Our MHPSS coordinator Katerina says: “There are many organizations in Athens that are not specialized in providing psychosocial support to people on the move, but do deal with them every day through the activities they organize. With our trainings, for example on (trans)cultural differences, we want to help them do their job even better!”


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