The Boat Refugee Foundation wants to make a difference in places that need it the most. Through our volunteers we offer specific, practical help to desperate and vulnerable people on the run. Thousands of refugees are stuck in the overcrowded camps on Lesbos and Samos. You can help by donating today or becoming a volunteer!

PSS Team

Due to changes in the political situation in Greece, the focus of our help has changed from acute care of boat refugees on the coasts in Greece to more structural and prolonged help in the (overcrowded) refugee camps. The Psychosocial Support teams are active on Lesbos and Samos.

Medical Team

Boat Refugee Foundation is working together with UNHCR, Doctors without Borders and Doctors of the World for our medical mission on Lesbos and Samos. Knowledge, skills and efforts are combined wherever possible. We have medical posts in camps and hotspots.

Join us

We are looking for volunteers for our missions on Lesbos and Samos! Are you a teacher, social worker, physician, or do you have other skills? Check our profile and apply! Together we can make a difference! Each euro that you donate makes a world of difference for the people in need. Will you help us so that we can continue to help the people in need?

Boat Refugee Foundation concludes mission on Samos

Click here to read the press release about our medical and psychosocial mission on Samos being concluded as per October 1st, 2017.