Making a
difference where
it is needed most.

People before borders

Boat Refugee Foundation wants to make a difference in places where it is needed most. We offer concrete, practical emergency aid to refugees with our team of volunteers. Donate or volunteer with us and make a change!

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What we do

We provide care to the thousands of people on the move who are stuck on the edges of Europe. In Greece, we offer them access to medical and psychosocial care. We also have a monitor role and campaign for a fairer asylum policy.

Medical care

Our team consisting of doctors, nurses and psychologists offers emergency care from our mobile clinic daily.

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Mental health support (MHPSS)

We offer support focused on mental health. This way, we contribute to human dignity and compassion.

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Every day, we witness violations of human rights. By sharing what we see, we help prevent this from happening.

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Would you like to help?

Together we can make a difference. That’s what we strongly believe in. To do our work, which is vital for thousands of people on the move, we need your help. Apply as a volunteer or support us as a donor. Or organise an event to raise awareness about the inhumane situation faced by people on the move. Are you in?

Take action

Get involved

Get involved in our work. Stay updated about our work and become a donor. It is only with your support we can continue our services to people seeking refuge.

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