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Help and raise funds!

23 Jun

How essential and indispensable our help is on Lesvos is becoming increasingly painfully clear. The number of people in Lesvos' refugee camp is growing fast, reaching 3,000. New boats are constantly arriving. In the past month, the number of patients we help has grown to about 80 a night, increasing every week.

🙏We need funds to continue our work in Greece, and we ask you to help us.🙏

If we have to stop our work, thousands of people will have no one to turn to. 
❗ Recent developments in Greece and Europe offer little hope of improving the situation. 
❗We are currently the only organisation providing primary and emergency medical and psychological care to people in the refugee camp on Lesvos. Many other humanitarian organisations had to stop their work due to lack of funding. 

Don’t leave the people on Lesvos alone, and help us raise funds to continue providing essential care. 

How can you help? 💪

Our online fundraiser starts on 26 June. We ask you to raise funds for us in your network between 26 June and 9 July with a personal donation box. Through our digital platform, you can share your online donation box via WhatsApp, text message, email, or your social media accounts with the click of a button. Participating takes little time, is super simple, and is vital for people on the move in Greece. Start your own donation box here and share it with your network. 

Not raising funds but want to help? Donate here

With your contribution, you make medical and psychosocial care for people on the move possible in the future too.

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