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We advocate for fair asylum policies!

13 Oct

Due to the unfair policies of the European Union, people on the move face many obstacles. With the proposed EU regulations on the "instrumentalization" of asylum and migration, their rights will unfortunately be even more restricted. Together with 63 other NGOs, we are signing the declaration of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles and calling on European member states NOT to agree to this regulation!


The regulation allows European countries to suspend important asylum rights in the event of a large influx of people at the border, such as what happened last year on the Polish-Belarusian border. The regulation also allows people to apply for asylum soon only at specially designated points at the border and to be deported quickly. It would also make it more difficult for those with a “justified” request for asylum to enter Europe.

Our signature speaks out against this unnecessary, unfair and misguided policy. The current policy offers enough options to deal with crisis situations at the border. People on the move should not become victims of this. After all, applying for asylum is and remains a human right!


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