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Refugee, migrant or asylum seeker?

09 Nov

All around the world, people leave their homes every day because of war, conflict or insecurity. In search of safety and a better future. In the first place, everyone bears the title: HUMAN. In addition, people on the run are also given other titles: refugee, migrant or asylum seeker. These terms are often mixed up. We'd like to help you distinguish between them.


A refugee is someone who flees his country because of war or disaster. A refugee fears for violence and cannot return until conditions in the country of origin are safe. A refugee often has to leave in a hurry, for example due to a violent attack or sudden natural disaster.


A migrant is someone who migrates or moves to another region or country. This person hopes to find better opportunities in another country. A migrant leaves on a voluntary basis and can safely return to the country of origin.

Asylum seeker

An asylum seeker is someone who applies for asylum outside his own country. Because, for example, he is not safe there due to war or persecution. If the application is approved, this person receives a refugee status.


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