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Will you (continue to) stand with us?

11 Jan

On the brink of a new year, we look back as well as forward. 2022 presented us with considerable challenges. The start of the war in Ukraine. The terrible conditions for people fleeing in Ter Apel. Adults, children, babies who did not survive the flight to Lesbos. The growing demand for help from people on the move in Athens, who once out of the camp were left to their own devices. A sharp decline in donations that make our projects possible.


Challenges put us on edge. And that’s not a bad thing. We learned again this year that grief can also be fertile ground for hope. That people can rise again after traumatic events and pick up their lives where they can. That smiles reappear on faces previously scarred by despair.


People on the move are resilient, and that inspires us. You can become a victim of a situation, but we see so many people choosing not to remain victims. What strength!

As far as we are concerned, this year is all about getting back up. And then explicitly getting up one more time than falling. Let adversity take us there. To our core. There where we can all find an inexhaustible source of strength.

Looking ahead

People on the move: your primal strength inspires us. Your perseverance encourages us to do the same: to keep going. Despite war. Even though circumstances may worsen. We keep going. We always keep getting up one more time. Even next year. Just as you do.❤️

Will you also keep standing up with us? Will you continue to support us despite all the setbacks?

Go to www.boatrefugee.com/support-our-work and see what you can do. ✊

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