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We help humanitarian organisations help…

20 Apr

Boat Refugee Foundation offers training to other humanitarian organisations. By sharing our expertise, we contribute to capacity building regarding Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), of other organisations to be able to help people seeking refuge even better.

Introduction to wellbeing & MHPSS

Recently, the training “Introduction to wellbeing & MHPSS” took place. With this training, we aim to introduce elements of well-being, mental health and MHPSS, as well as ways of identification, referral guidelines and good practices. It was addressed to Amurtel’s team.

The goal of this training for the participants:

👉Create a dialogue about well-being, mental health and MHPSS (perceptions and definition).
👉Understand emotions, why they exist and how they work.
👉Get familiarised with the concept of stress and the theory of Window of Tolerance.
👉Understand the notions of adversity, related reactions and coping strategies.
👉Increase awareness about MHPSS principles.
👉Get to know the overview of mental health professionals in Greece (role and responsibilities).
👉Get familiarised with identification-referral guidelines & good practices.

During the training, there was space for group discussion and questions, where the participants could share personal experiences, questions and concerns.

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